Wimbledon Signalling and Telecom Design

We produced ES4-5 Detailed designs for enabling works to allow a second tram-stop at Platform 10 to increase frequency from 8tph to 12tph.


London Tramslink

Project Completed

October 2016

The Challenge For Softech

The multi-disciplinary project encompassed detailed design and subsequent construction works, integrating various disciplines including Signalling, Telecommunications, Permanent Way (P-Way), and Civil Engineering to achieve the desired objective of facilitating the construction of a second tramstop face within the existing platform 10 at Wimbledon, enabling Tramlink to increase tram services’ capacity on the Wimbledon branch from 8 trains per hour (tph) to 12 tph in the short term and 20 tph in the long term within a limited timeframe. Softech provided signalling and telecom designs for ES4 and ES5 that integrated with the other disciplines.

ES4 & ES5 Designs


Signal Sighting

Cabinet Designs

Road and Foot Bridges


Softech’s Solutions

Softech efficiently executed this design project within a very tight timeframe, leveraging our expertise and proactive strategies. Despite challenges such as receiving the required documents under ODA (Overlapping Design Agreement) just one month before commissioning, our team navigated the complexities adeptly, resulting in the approval of our design without any comments.

criss crossed rail alignment design engineered by a railway pway design team

Additionally, we successfully mitigated the risk of possession overrun, demonstrating our commitment to delivering exceptional outcomes under challenging circumstances.

The Result

These enabling works on Wimbledon platform, allowing 12 trams to operate per hour on this bustling route, brings significant benefits to commuters. With increased tram frequency, passengers experience reduced wait times and alleviated crowding, enhancing their overall travel experience. 

Moreover, the enhanced public transit service lead to a positive ripple effect, easing traffic congestion and lowering carbon emissions in the area, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and efficient transportation network for the community.



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"Softech were always coherent and responsive to the needs of Trams...Works completed without a single DRN raised by the Project Engineer"

Nicholas Lloyd

“Softech fully understood the requirements. Softech remobilised at short notice and facilitated timelycompletion of the works…Challenging timescales for completion of the designpackage were set, which Softech met as promised.”

Senior Project Manager London Tramlink

Case Studies

We have successfully delivered over 115 projects, on time and in budget over the last 19 years.

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