Clacton-On-Sea Depot Signalling

Signalling ES3 & ES4 designs for a new Depot, including Signal Sighting following thorough site surveys.


Egis Rail

Project Completed

June 2022

The Challenge For Softech

A new wheel Lathe depot was proposed to be located by the old Clacton Steam Shed off the unused approach road area from the existing Dead-End Siding (Shunting Spur), towards the current carriage sidings (Up Carriage Sidings) to service the GA fleet including Stadler 12 Car and Alstom 5 Car services.

The Signalling at Clacton on Sea was recently altered (March 2021) by Network Rail which abolished Clacton Signal box with control and indications transferred to Colchester Signal Box.

The Locally Operated Points System (LOPS) and Depot Protection System (DPS) were to exchange a number of functions to control entry and exit to the Wheel Lathe Road. Point operations within the depot was to be controlled by a LOPS under the control of the Depot Responsible personnel.

The entry and exit of trains into the Depot was very challenging to integrate with the existing signalling system without updating the existing signalling.

ES3 & ES4 Designs

New Depot

Signal Sighting


DPS Systems

Site Surveys

Softech’s Solutions

Softech undertook Feasibility study and Options Development at ES3. A Scheme Plan was produced for final option in ES4, along with other supporting documents. Many site surveys were carried out, including Signal and Signage Sighting reports during ES3 and ES4.

criss crossed rail alignment design engineered by a railway pway design team

The Result

The proposed wheel lathe facility was built on a new southbound spur from the dead-end siding (Shunting Spur) back towards the carriage sidings to enable protection to trains and wheel lathe operatives, by the locking of power operated points into the carriage wash road away from the dead-end siding (Shunting Spur).

The works included a new wheel lathe building with locally operated points system (LOPS) for the control of train movement into, within and out of the facility. LOPS was to be interlocked with DPS (Depot Protection system).

Softech Rail Signalling Design for Egis



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"Softech were very proactive in managing issues and took the lead in managing input from other subcontractors."

Anthony Kelly

“Softech were proactive and helped manage input by others such as Zone Green and Fenix…were very professional when liaising with Egis, the client and the rest of the design team. “

Head of Construction, UK Rail Egis

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