Littlehaven Platform Extension Telecom Design

Softech undertook the ES4 and ES5 Telecom Designs including site surveys. Softech also pioneered video on network (NVT) technology for the first time in the rail industry for this project.



Project Completed

July 2014

The Challenge For Softech

The Littlehaven Project extension was undertaken with the primary goal of enhancing the train length capabilities of Littlehaven Station, transitioning from accommodating 4-car trains to 8-car trains. This included comprehensive planning, design, and implementation of telecommunications infrastructure to support the increased capacity, ensuring seamless integration with existing systems while meeting safety and regulatory standards. Softech’s expertise and dedication were instrumental in successfully realising this upgrade, enabling Littlehaven Station to better meet the growing needs of passengers and the evolving demands of the rail network.

Telecom ES4 & ES5 Designs


Signal Sighting

Cabinet Designs


CCTV Installation

 Softech’s Solutions

Softech was tasked with overseeing all aspects of the telecoms work required to facilitate this transition involving installation of CCTV equipment, CIS displays and a PA system with TDM help points on platform 1 for passenger assistance. Softech pioneered video on network (NVT) technology for the first time in the rail industry.

criss crossed rail alignment design engineered by a railway pway design team

Additionally, the project includes the installation of Audio Frequency Induction Loops (AFILs) to ensure accessibility for individuals with hearing impairments.


The Result

There were several key features. Foremost among these was the station’s doubling its previous capacity and enhancing efficiency in passenger transit. Additionally, the installation of state-of-the-art CCTV, providing comprehensive surveillance coverage.  

Moreover, the integration of Customer Information System displays with real-time updates, enhancing communication and convenience. The new PA system, coupled with AFILs, ensured accessibility for all passengers, including those with hearing impairments.



How well did Softech Rail understand the requirements and objectives of the project?


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"Softech demonstrated an ability to understand and achieve the objectives of the project and meet deadlines"

Gift Mlalazi

Softech understood the requirements and objectives of the project… We are very satisfied with Softech’s ability to meet deadlines” 

Signalling Manager Volker Fitzpatrick

Case Studies

We have successfully delivered over 115 projects, on time and in budget over the last 19 years.

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