Gatwick Airport Re-Signalling

Softech produced ES5 Detailed Designs for Gatwick Airport Re-signalling to replace legacy interlocking with Alstom Smart Lock technology.



Project Completed

January 2014

The Challenge For Softech

As part of improving the signalling at Gatwick Airport station, Alstom Smart Lock signalling was implemented and to reduce the congestion a new platform 7 was constructed. Softech was invited by Alstom to undertake correlation surveys and to carry out detailed design under a very tight schedule. We deployed our design teams within few days and undertook all correlation and detailed design to ensure Christmas 2013 commissioning.  

ES5 Designs

Reduction in congestion

Cabinet Design


Scheme Plan

Site Surveys


Softech’s Solutions

Softech successfully navigated the complexities of the project by effectively coordinating with various stakeholders, including other disciplines, Alstom, Network Rail, and Train Operators, ensuring a successful outcome.

criss crossed rail alignment design engineered by a railway pway design team

The Result

The project unlocked a multitude of benefits, foremost being the creation of a comprehensive passenger transport interchange that seamlessly connects the airport and station, enhancing overall travel experience and reducing signalling failures. This included a new Platform 7 ultimately reducing queues at gates. Softech provided installation, testing and commissioning support and provided as built drawings. 



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"The technical knowledge demonstrated by the Softech design team was commensurate with the level of designers supplied... maintained their focus on delivery of the required design to a very high standard...

Chris Morgan

The design details produced by the Softech team were to a high standard Both the technical ability and the professionalism of this team was a credit to Softech and it would be a pleasure to work with such diligent and capable engineers again in the future.”

Design Delivery Manager Alstom

Our Work: Case Studies

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