Our Capabilities

We have successfully delivered design and engineering services to more than 115 Rail Projects in the UK over the last 18 years. We are a multi-disciplinary rail design company employing more than 165 staff across four offices with Signalling, Telecom, OLE, PWAY, minor Civils & E&P Design skills. Our technical competencies include project management and Signal engineering. These competencies are provided by existing staff or approved supply chain resources with a long working track record of successful delivery of signalling projects.

An infographic guide to the work taken by our rail engineering and design team

Multidisciplinary Design and Build

  • Signalling and Systems Design, Consulting, Installation and Testing
  • Telecom Design
  • OLE Design
  • Third Rail
  • Feasibility, Reliability, Assurance, Survey, Design, Construction and Project Management for Metro and Mainline
  • Site Surveys (GPS/Topo, 3D Laser and Manual)
  • Tunnel Designs
  • Civil Design
  • Signal Sighting
  • Track Design
  • Testing of Track and Signalling equipment and many more.

Experience & Expertise

Our team is led by Signalling Disciplined Contractor’s Responsible Engineers (CRE’s) formally approved by Network Rail prior to the commencement of any works. All of our design team staff are competent and IRSE Licensed Engineers. To see the list of our work carried out click ‘Our Projects’. 

35 years in business

115+ projects delivered

Happiness Guarantee

165 strong team

Our Work: Case Studies

Haxby Telecoms Design
Carrying out site survey and telecoms detailed design for NR owned assets which includes station information and surveillance system.
Jan 26, 2024
Eastbourne Siding
Softech conducted a condition assessment to confirm that the existing signalling system is capable of performing the required train movements.
Dec 5, 2023
This study was completed to assess how best to path down direction freight trains between the Midland Main Line and the proposed SRFI at Radlett.
Jan 12, 2016
Richmond Platform 3
Enhanced rail signalling for Richmond Platform 3 under LOCIP ensures efficient 5-car operations. Softech's ensures optimal design solutions.
Jul 16, 2015


What our clients say

"Network Rail has hardly issued any error report, this is an indication of the work produced by Softech. Softech seems to be very proactive in following issues and coming back with solutions."

Afshin Persian
Senior Project Manager, Jacobs Engineering 

"Softech are very good at delivering work. Many thanks for all of your help in meeting the demanding challenges faced on the Stalybridge Re-signalling project."

Richard Green
Principal Project Manager, Amey, Uk

"Softech have made every deadline put to them, provided excellent conduct and good working relationships, Softech understood Network Rail requirements and risks associated with taking GRIP4 designs from another party.

Andy Chaplin
Senior Programme Engineer, Network Rail, UK

 "There can be difficulties when trying to integrate a team of designers into both a design house and a running project.
It is therefore a great credit to Softech that they were able to become part of the Gatwick team and integrate themselves so easily to enable the successful completion of the Gatwick project."

Chris Morgan
Design Delivery Manager, Alstom

 "Softech has a good understanding of client requirements, providing excellent service, very satisfied, met all deadlines."

Duncan Lyons
Project Manager, Tata Steel Projects, UK

"Softech understood exactly the level of expertise required. All tasks were delivered in the timescales required some of which at short notice. Completely satisfied with the services provided."

Paul Waby
Signalling And Systems Design Engineering Manager, Alstom

"I am very happy with the quality of work supplied by Softech and would not hesitate to recommend them to other companies."

Andrew Thomas
S&T Standards Manager, Network Rail (High Speed), UK

"The Contract Responsible Engineer for this package of work has done a fantastic job in delivering the full scope of work. The Crossrail Signalling Engineering team has found Softech to be very thorough with their work. The number of design comments raised have been minimal. It has been a real pleasure working with them."

Sean Tarpey
Senior Project Engineer, Crossrail (Network Rail)