Our Mission, Vision & Values

“Build the Railways of the Future”

Our Mission

We help and support rail companies to successfully deliver challenging projects on time and on budget through our resourceful expertise, experience and innovative thinking. 

Our Vision

Become the go-to, one stop shop for Rail companies across the world to help projects to be completed on time and on budget.

We want to continue to make significant contributions to rail reaching more parts of the world. 

We become the leading multi-disciplinary design and installation company for the UK & overseas railways, offering full turnkey solutions.  

Our Values

We strive to align how we work in and out of our company with our mission to serve and support the rail industry. 


The value add our work provides to our clients and projects is paramount over billable hours. 

Responsibility and Accountability 

We take responsibility and ownership of our actions and their consequences. 


We take the time to understand and respect the feelings, wishes and rights of our employees, clients and partners.

35 years in business

115+ projects delivered

Happiness Guarantee

156 strong team


What our clients say

"Network Rail has hardly issued any error report, this is an indication of the work produced by Softech. Softech seems to be very proactive in following issues and coming back with solutions."

Afshin Persian
Senior Project Manager, Jacobs Engineering 

"Softech are very good at delivering work. Many thanks for all of your help in meeting the demanding challenges faced on the Stalybridge Re-signalling project."

Richard Green
Principal Project Manager, Amey, Uk

"Softech have made every deadline put to them, provided excellent conduct and good working relationships, Softech understood Network Rail requirements and risks associated with taking GRIP4 designs from another party.

Andy Chaplin
Senior Programme Engineer, Network Rail, UK

 "There can be difficulties when trying to integrate a team of designers into both a design house and a running project.
It is therefore a great credit to Softech that they were able to become part of the Gatwick team and integrate themselves so easily to enable the successful completion of the Gatwick project."

Chris Morgan
Design Delivery Manager, Alstom

 "Softech has a good understanding of client requirements, providing excellent service, very satisfied, met all deadlines."

Duncan Lyons
Project Manager, Tata Steel Projects, UK

"Softech understood exactly the level of expertise required. All tasks were delivered in the timescales required some of which at short notice. Completely satisfied with the services provided."

Paul Waby
Signalling And Systems Design Engineering Manager, Alstom

"I am very happy with the quality of work supplied by Softech and would not hesitate to recommend them to other companies."

Andrew Thomas
S&T Standards Manager, Network Rail (High Speed), UK

"The Contract Responsible Engineer for this package of work has done a fantastic job in delivering the full scope of work. The Crossrail Signalling Engineering team has found Softech to be very thorough with their work. The number of design comments raised have been minimal. It has been a real pleasure working with them."

Sean Tarpey
Senior Project Engineer, Crossrail (Network Rail)