Installation, Testing and Commissioning

Delivering the complete signalling project implementation cycle

a rail worker testing a signalling box whilst communicating to a rail engineering team

We provide signalling installation, testing, and commissioning services for the rail industry.

We wholly oversee the project implementation cycle. Our team of on-site staff, comprising safety, project management, engineering, and technical resources, actively participates in installing, testing, and commissioning the solutions. If necessary, we oversee and assume accountability for the civil work needs handled by subcontracted partners.

The entire on-site process is carried out with our unwavering focus on safety, quality, and timely project completion, culminating in acceptance testing, comprehensive system testing, and commissioning conducted according to rigorous testing procedures.

We analyse the installation requisites and ensure that our on-site operations align with the time, budget, logistical, and environmental constraints within the railway.

Signalling Equipment Rooms

Testing Management



Verification Testing

Communication Rooms

Tester in Charge responsibilities

Our Capabilities:

We’ve cultivated partnerships with top-tier suppliers in the UK, bolstering our ability to provide comprehensive solutions that meet our clients’ project needs.

Our collaborative approach positions us to support established firms in executing larger projects through our proficient in-house project team.

A worker conducting rail system testing

Softech’s exceptional installation delivery quality is thanks to our team of seasoned and capable supervisors and installers

an example of rail installation testing and commissioning showcasing an immaculate rail signalling tower
  • Level Crossing, Platform Extention, LSI
  • Signal Sighting, SAT, SORA and DA
  • Electro-Mechanical, Mechanical Interlocking
  • Scheme Development Inc. site surveys
  • SSI including Westrace, Ansaldo Microlok II
  • Geographical Interlockin, Auto Signalling
  • Digital Axle Counters, Data Loggers Thales CBTC system
  • Train Describer System
  • TFM Schematic, Block Schematic
  • One-stop-shop for all Signal Design Project Requirements

Complete Rail Solutions

Softech Rail specialise in railway signalling design, project development, and project delivery, improving the longevity of train control systems and associated equipment. We employ the most stringent rail processes and procedures whilst minimising costs. Our designs have never received a single DRN from Network Rail despite delivering over a 100 projects. We consistently provide innovative solutions to the rail sector’s challenges. Our extensive experience in rail signalling design covers a wide spectrum, from individual signal replacements to the creation of comprehensive, complex signalling systems.

An infographic guide to the railway services offered by our rail engineering and design team

Our Work: Case Studies

Haxby Telecoms Design
Carrying out site survey and telecoms detailed design for NR owned assets which includes station information and surveillance system.
Jan 26, 2024
Eastbourne Siding
Softech conducted a condition assessment to confirm that the existing signalling system is capable of performing the required train movements.
Dec 5, 2023
This study was completed to assess how best to path down direction freight trains between the Midland Main Line and the proposed SRFI at Radlett.
Jan 12, 2016
Richmond Platform 3
Enhanced rail signalling for Richmond Platform 3 under LOCIP ensures efficient 5-car operations. Softech's ensures optimal design solutions.
Jul 16, 2015

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